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Initial Nutrition Consult

40-minute video chat or phone call with a Registered Dietitian to address nutrition concerns and develop a plan to reach your goals

Follow up Nutrition Consult

20-minute video chat or phone call to track progress, re-evaluate strategies and foods to reach goals

Healthy Lifestyle Program

Learn how to achieve a healthy weight with a non-diet approach. Includes a free 20-minute nutrition consult

Personal Meal Plans

Our Registered Dietitian will calculate nutrient needs based on your goals or health condition, then create a personalized meal plan including your favorite foods


Angela was fantastic to work with! She’s easy going and truly makes the effort to listen to all of your goals. Not only did I receive my personalized meal plan quickly, but she also took the extra time to make sure they were meals I actually enjoyed. I’ve received meal plans in the past and can tell they are copy and paste from one person to the next. Angela makes meals simple and even incorporates some snacks that I enjoy so that I don’t feel as if I’m missing out. I loved her plan and saw great results that stuck!


Angela is absolutely amazing to work with. I contacted her inquiring about a nutrition plan that fit my GI concerns, as well as wanting to lose some weight and continue building muscle mass. She built me a meal plan that fit my goals and helped ease the stress on my GI system. Even better, it was food that I loved and was able to make enough for the entire family to enjoy with me. Best 10lbs lost ever!!